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Eye Muscle Surgery

Eye muscle surgery is used to aid in the correction of Strabismus, a condition in which the two eyes do not align properly and will not direct at the same object at once. Also known as "crossed eyes", it may be corrected with surgery when glasses or eye exercises prove ineffective.

Prior to the the procedure, anesthesia is administered to the patient. A small surgical cut is made through which the surgeon will locate the eye muscles that need adjustment.

Resection: Used to strengthen the muscle, a section or tendon is removed to shorten the length of the muscle.

Recession: To weaken the muscle, the muscle is detached and reattached at a point further toward the back of the eye.

Eye muscle surgery is an outpatient procedure that typically results in straighter eyes right after surgery. Patients may require eye drops or ointment after the procedure to prevent infection from occuring.

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