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Post-Op Instructions for Eye Surgery

These are general instructions. Please make sure you follow the instructions provided by your physician.

  1. Keep eye patch on as instructed
  2. Wear eye shield while sleeping for next three (3) days
  3. Rest today, then activity as directed by your Doctor
  4. No driving today
  5. No swimming
  6. No bending
  7. No heavy lifting
  8. No eye makeup
  9. You may take a shower
  10. Take only Tylenol for discomfort—No Aspirin, Advil or Aleve
  11. Wear sunglasses for light sensitivity when you go outdoors. You can wear them anytime glare is a problem—even over your prescription glasses.
  12. Follow eye drop schedule beginning today or when patch is removed (wash hands before you administer eye drops).
  13. Continue to use all your routine medications unless otherwise instructed by your physician.
  14. You may experience: mild irritation, burning, itching, sensitivity to light, tearing, a foreign body sensation, or a mucous-like discharge. These are all common experiences. If you experience anything that worries you, give your doctor’s office a call.
  15. If at any time following surgery, you experience sudden and dramatic increased eye pain, decreased vision, or flashes and floaters call your surgeon’s office immediately.
  16. If you have a life-threatening emergency, DIAL 911 or go to the nearest emergency room.
  17. DO NOT RUB YOUR EYE—you may gently pat it dry.
  18. You will need to follow up with your Doctor in his/her office THE DAY AFTER SURGERY.

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